Katrina Kaif Family Background

Katrina Kaif Family
Kaif was born in Hong Kong, an Indian Kashmiri father, Mohammed Kaif, and an English mother, Susanna Turquotte, a British citizen. Its parents separated when she was quite young. Kaif once said: "My dad, unfortunately, and not out of choice, has no influence on our upbringing, our religious or social or moral bearings." Whens she went to India, she changed her surname to her dad, Kaif, because it was Indian in origin.
Katrina Kaif Family
Katrina Kaif Family--Katrina Kaif's Mother Susanna Turquotte and Sister Isabella
Furthermore Ayesha Shroff has argued that the original name of the actress Katrina is Turquotte. She also claims that her father gave her name, even after Indian cricketer Mohammad Kaif Kaif were top at the moment. 
She added that they also had her name Katrina Kazi.From Hong Kong thought, she and her family moved to China and then to Japan. From there he went to France when she was 8, and thereafter lived for a few months at a time in Switzerland, Poland, Germany, Belgium and other European countries. 
Katrina Kaif Family
Katrina Kaif Family Background-Katrina Kaif with her family;Mother,brother (Michael)and sisiters
Thereafter, Katrina kaif  moved with her ​​family to Hawaii, and eventually to his country by his mother in England. Although it is often assumed that Kaif is from London, she lived there only for three years before moving to Mumbai. Kaif's personal life, including his relationships, is an important topic in the media. After years of speculation Katrina Kaif admitted in an interview in 2011 for a magazine that was in a serious relationship with actor Salman Khan for several years, which ended in 2010.
Katrina Kaif Family
Katrina Kaif with her Well known Sister Isabella Kaif